Air Corsica
Air Corsica
Aéroport Napoléon-Bonaparte
BP 505
20186 Ajaccio Cedex 2
08 25 35 35 35 0,20€ ttc/mn

Cancel Reservation
You can always modify your reservation.
For this you need:
⦁    your reservation number.
⦁    the surname of the first traveler.
Terms of Use
Only files purchased on the Site may be changed online, thank you for all the other contact of the back office on 0825 35 35 35 (0,15 € ttc / mn).
For any modification of a file including car rental and / or travel insurance, please call the essential back office on 0825 35 35 35 (0,15€ ttc/mn).
If you change your ticket directly on the site, changing the car rental and / or travel insurance will not be taken into account, only the back office is authorized to do so.
Subject to the terms of purchase of your ticket.