A Stretta di I Mulini
20167 Cuttoli-Corticchiato
GPS : 41.990379, 8.909893

Difficulty: very easy
Type: loop hike
Duration: 1h and 45 min
Difference in height: + 220 m / - 220 m
Length: 4,2 km

Attention: no water points available.

The Cutuli è Curtichjatu heritage trail was a mule track which ran as far as Foci di Vizzavona. Today, this path is an excellent opportunity to discover Corsica's natural and architectural heritage. In fact, this path will allow you to pass through the chemin des moulins (the path of the mills) which will allow you to discover, also thanks to several information panels, how the life of the agricultural community took place at the end of the 19th century.
After the hike you can visit the village of Cuttoli-Corticchiato, where the Ornano family fought against the Genoese army in the second half of the 16th century and where Pasquale Paoli won a battle against the French army. You should also take a look at the church of St Martin, which contains several remarkable paintings and a 16th-century holy water stoup.

Road access
From Ajaccio you must follow the road signs for Bastia. At the last roundabout on the N193 you must continue driving in the direction of Bastia. After the station of Mezzana, you must turn right and take the D1 for about two kilometres. Then you must turn left towards Cuttoli-Corticchiato, until you reach the small hamlet of Pedi Morella. You must continue driving until you reach the road D501 in the direction of Cuttoli and, after the village hall, you will reach the church where you can find a parking space.

On the car park there are some stairs going down which you must take to reach the main road. Turn left towards U Quadru di I Martinetti. Keep walking until you reach the house A Teghja and turn right. The path descends gradually and, after a little walk in the shade of some holm oaks, you will cross the small stream of Funtanaccia – here you find the first information panel penta grossa (an imposing rock mass that gave its name to the old mill that you can see right below you). Do not hesitate to take the small path in front of you to have a closer look at the old mill, whose granite millstone is good condition.

Then you must return to the main path and cross the small wooden bridge. During the summertime the water is quite warm and you can cool down a bit by taking a swim. After the bridge, the path begins to climb and in a short time you will find the second information panel u mulinu di a Ghjargala (one of the few mills in the island which used a horizontal and a vertical driving wheel). Take your time to read the panel and then continue along the path: you must go away from the river and after a few minutes of walking you will find two old pens – u purcili (several pigs were fed with acorns, chestnuts and leftovers: pig farming was fundamental to agricultural life in the past). Next to a second mill there is another information panel – u mulinu di u Ghjirboni (a very old mill that used a horizontal driving wheel to function).

At the next crossroads you must turn right until you reach a well-preserved building next to several dog pens – a fabbrica (an old mill which was converted into a workshop to manufacture wooden pipes).

Take your time to look the old fabbrica and after you must climb up on your right until you reach a level path which runs alongside the water-storage system of the old factory. Do not hesitate to cross the small stream and continue walking until you reach another mill where the path, which takes you to the entrance of the village of Cuttoli-Corticchiato, gradually begins to climb again.

The full description of this hike is in the guide, opposite, available in all the bookshops and relay points of Corsica. To buy this book online, scan the flashcode with your smartphone or go to the link below:
Available in French, English, German and Italian.

The full description of this hike is in the guide, opposite, available in all the bookshops and relay points of Corsica. To Buy this book online, click on the link below.
Available in French, English, German and Italian.


A Stretta di I Mulini

20167 Cuttoli-Corticchiato