A Strada di I Viculi
20172 Vero
GPS : 42.063477, 8.931758

Difficulty: easy
Type: loop hike
Duration: 3 h
Difference in height: + 240 m / - 240 m
Length: 5,5 km


This excursion is quite easy and will allow you to discover the natural and architectural heritage of the village. In fact, this excursion is thought to make you discover the treasures of the village of Vero, which you will pass through.
After this excursion, you will be able to visit the church of St John the Baptist (whose statue of the Virgin and Child and the statue of the baptism of Christ are classified historical monuments) and A casa di Paesi (the oldest house in the village that has been completely restored).

Road access

From Ajaccio, you must drive towards Bastia and continue in the same direction after the last roundabout of the N193. After about 15 km you must take the fork towards Vero. Keep driving until you reach the town hall where you can park.


After parking your car, take the stairs next to the war memorial. After reaching the small square where you can find the oldest house in the village, you must turn right and pass the small pond and the old village washhouse. Continue walking until you reach the tarmac path which leads you to the fountain of Vazzalina (whose the water is drinkable).

Turn left following the signposts and walk along the stone wall until you cross a small stream. Keep walking and turn left where the path descends gently. After crossing two streams, the path begins to climb until you reach the second wooden totem pole. Keep walking: at a certain point you will run into a viewpoint from which you can admire the gulf of Ajaccio (to the west), the Renoso massif, the Gravona valley (to the east) and the village of Vero.

After this short break, the path begins to descend – pay attention because you must turn left and not keep walking in the same direction. You must continue walking until you reach an old bread oven. From the old oven, the path starts to climb and takes you into a forest: soon you must turn left, where the path descends until you reach the ruins of Viculi.

To return to the starting point you must take the path to the south and pass a gate, which you can open if it is closed. Keep walking until you reach the road D4. Cross the road to take the track in front of you - after a very short time, you will see two railings: take the path you can see near the railing on your left. You must cross two streams: after the second one you must turn left. After a few minutes, you will see the first houses of the village, keep walking until you reach the car park.


A Strada di I Viculi

20172 Vero